Brandon Savage published a blog post today that spotlights the open source project Phergie, lead by AOS member Matthew Turland, as an example of how good project architecture helps to create a low barrier to entry for prospective contributors.

Elizabeth Naramore, a well-known authority on e-commerce in the PHP community at large and a member of the PHPWomen organization, published this blog post today. The post details the results of a poll she ran regarding why people don't contribute to open source projects. She also discusses potential solutions that members of open source communities can pursue to curb this problem. It's a very interesting read and highly recommended for open source project participants and advocates.

This article attempts to dispel purported misinformation about open source in the education system. Its author makes the contention that countries with less wealth than the US are not only able to operate on Linux, but further enrich technology education in the process.

While the article misses out on the point that Linux servers power most of the internet (thus creating job market incentive to become familiar with Linux), it's still a good read.

Scott McNealy is co-founder of Sun Microsystems, the company behind the open source Java platform and the OpenSolaris operating system. He's also been solicited by the new Obama administration to author a paper on the subject of open source software and how it can bring increased security and cost-effectiveness to government.

Hello and Happy New Year to all Acadiana Open Source Group members! It's hard to believe that we're only a few meetings short of the first full year of AOS.

When the group first started, I had some time to devote to promotion and evangelism for it. Since then, however, that time has dwindled and these days I'm only able to do what it takes to continue having meetings: ensuring we have a facility and a speaker as well as announcements of meetings and other relevant information via the web site, Facebook, and Google.

I still want to see the group continue to grow and expands its membership, however, so I'm putting out this message in hopes that someone might be willing to step up and take on this position. It's a volunteer position and would only require as much time as you're willing to put into it. Here are potential duties involved:

  • Maintaining a membership database, tracking attendance, and keeping in contact with members to increase awareness of interests related to group topics and activities
  • Communicating with localized media sources such as (but not limited to) newspapers, TV stations, and online interest groups to raise awareness of the group
  • Communicating with other user groups in the area for cross-group promotion and helping to organize combined group social events
  • Locating and communicating with local businesses that use open source software to encourage their presence at group meetings and participation in other group activities

If you're interested or know of someone that might be (a marketing major at the university perhaps), please contact me. Thanks in advance for your help and I look forward to seeing you at the first meeting of the new year!