KATC published a press release carefully prepared by Erin Ryan, PR Coordinator for the LITE Center, to advertise the first AOS meeting of 2011. Our thanks go out to everyone involved for helping to support AOS and raise awareness of it within the local community.

An article on open source has been submitted to UL Today that's made the front page of the web site! The article is entitled Open Source: What It Is and Why You Should Care and is aimed primarily at those involved in academia. This is a great plug for open source in the local community, so be sure to check it out!

UL Today, an unofficial web site for all news related to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, has posted a full-length press release on the Acadiana Open Source User Group to spread the word to students, faculty, and alumni. Thanks go out to their staff for the incredible show of support. We look forward to seeing the university represented at the first Acadiana Open Source Group meeting.

More press coverage, this time courtesy of The Independent. Great short about open source and aspiring goals for AOS, as well as info on the meeting and a link back to the web site. Many thanks to the editing staff for making mention of us. Please continue spreading the word about AOS to friends, family, and colleagues!

AOS got a small bit of coverage in the Around Lafayette section of today's edition of The Daily Advertiser. The original press release sent had a bit more content and it's unfortunate that it didn't get a slightly longer story, but thanks to the editing staff at The Advertiser for the plug. On that note, please help to spread the word about AOS to your friends, colleagues, or anyone else who might be interested in open source!